Advise / consulting / troubleshooting

For many years I worked with the Product life cycle Principal. My experience in the last 25 years is from the concept of a new idea until realization of the product. Some of the items which I helped to get on the market you could use every day, like a printer, desk phone, TV, … overhead console, Ambient lighting, room entering system, etc.

Also, I had the possibility to work in several areas in the industry and had to master various challenges in every area!

I was able to make mistakes and learn and growth from them.

I need to be always creative with all my challenges and have the possibility to learn from the best in the industry around the globe!

In the last few years, it was for me possible to practice troubleshooting for various customer with proven record of success

Conception of a new project or idea
Optimization of existing concepts
Optimization of existing production
Project management / project support
Creation of in-house technical expertise
Rationalizations / Optimization / Costeffectiveness evaluation
Mold /tool design & production
Injection molding basics
Material selection
Strategy workshop
Development workshop
Target setting
Pricing / Cost analysis
Big Data / Smart Factory


One of the most important things for me is not to keep your knowledge for yourself, but to share and help the organization you work in to get better and better with experience. 

I would like to make the theory, with my many years of practice, easy to understand with tailor-made training for my customers. Lifelong learning is the key factor for success of any person.

Interim Management

Every level of the hierarchy has their own challenges. I had the opportunity to serve for many leaders in this industry in varying positions. For me. it was always important that what I do is

sustainable for every level in the organization. I see myself as a leader and coach that shows and leads by “the good example” not matter how long the assignment takes. Listen carefully and do not rush to conclusions… daily business can take a lot from your resources to change everything to become better.

Production management
Project Management
Tool Management
Tool support
Sourcing / Purchasing
Relocations / Transfer
Technical Sales, Sales &Marketing
Business development
Parts development / design
Mold Flow studies
Prototype manufacturing
Tool construction
Toolmakers worldwide
Parts manufacturing worldwide
DOE Service
Spraying and toolmaking peripherals
Material development (resin, masterbatch)

Network/ Cooperations

Nobody in the industry can survive any longer without a good large and sustainable network. There are so many experts in specific fields, and you cannot hope to know everything and have capacity to do everything. We can offer you an exceptionally good international network which has the expertise to help you in any scenario.

Technical research

Technical research activity is necessary when customers wish to implement new production process, materials, machines, and injection tools. From simple mechanical or complex fill - studies could already be available along with technical research project. Clear Scope of the Research and finally the deliverables need to be defined and agree. Robert Kurzbauer and his partners only do technical research on special request by customers. The technical research will be handled like a project with milestones and clear deliverables.

Special areas of technical research are texture,  development and texture match and texture adjustment, plastic material selection, machine, and equipment selection.

Define project specification and deliverables.
Scope of the project
Define Milestones and timeframe
Offer and budget creation.
Weekly meetings and updates
Literature research – University and Plastic Institute cooperation
Potential supplier identification / selection
Implementation service and support
Consulting and adviser role