Who is Robert?

My name is Robert Kurzbauer, and I have more than 25 years’ experience within the Global Plastics Industry. I started my career as a young engineer working my up to head global senior teams of engineers.

After a solid basic training in TGM / Plastics Technology in Vienna and the affiliated army service, I start my career at Flex /Flextronics Int. in the field of engineering and project support for their Hungarian sites. In Hungary, I worked in various positions over the years. From product, process engineering, tool engineering, project manager, program manager, .... Up to the person responsible for business development. After I left Hungary, I worked in various global positions.

My last task in Flex was to build and lead a senior team for the WW sourcing of injection molds. My responsibility was to support the WW sourcing and purchasing processes, including technical designs and price negotiations. It was necessary to build a global team, to standardize on our requirements, to automate and to simplify all procurement processes. In addition, it was necessary to review new technologies and introduce them into Flex. To share my knowledge with others, I taught, in my spare time, as a lecturer at the University of Leoben and give lectures at various events.

What I stand for?

In the last 25 years I have been able to work in various international positions in Flex and gained wide-ranging experience in various production environments.

For me, the personal interaction, support and custom - made solutions for the customer were always in the foreground. In my career at Flex, I have always felt comfortable in all phases of the Product Life Cycle and have always felt at home in all Industrial segments. From automotive, to medical, to consumer projects, it was always important for me to act as unbureaucratic and as innovative as possible. Deciding how and where plastic can be used optimally is an important point for all customers. For my company, however, the intelligent use of the client’s equipment, tools and personnel was always important in order to be able to produce smooth and efficient designs and production processes. As has been proven several times over the last 25 years, I am able to adapt very quickly to management tasks and to take on responsibility in a short time for defined periods.

What do we offer?

The services I offer are consulting, training, process review and improvement, and an international network of experts for my customers to utilize. I can also take over short-term positions in a company, of which I can explain more details of in a personal conversation.

What distinguish me?

I have learned to work very methodically and to standard, to tackle a question, but also not to forget that you must be flexible to adapt to the customer. Due to my education and time in a large global company I was always supported to work technically very creatively and not to forget that this can also be transferred in a commercial way. Almost every day we had to recognize processes or trends and then implement them in production.

I am used to deal with different cultures, diverse environments and working methods and adapting to them.

My exceptionally strong network is WW and includes not only in the plastics industry but also numerous other fields.

I am a curious and inquisitive person and always open to new ideas ... Lifelong learning is, in my opinion, a must, and knowledge must also be managed.