Roctool – plastic parts have never look so good

Roctool – plastic parts have never look so good

Posted on 01. 02. 2023 - Technology

Induction heating technology is one of the most advanced "heat & cool" technologies in injection molding. The reliable and cost-effective way to fully heat the injection mold quickly with a very accurate temperature distribution opens new possibilities.

What Services does Roctool provide to its customers?

Roctool provides the following services for a potential customer. 

During the product development phase Roctool helps the customer with the feasibility study to explore if Roctool technology could apply and have a benefit. 

Roctool works with the customer in the next stage to assess the monetary impact on the project and product. 

Roctool also provides a list of potential suppliers for injection molds which have the capabilities to make the Roctool injection tool. Customer can select their toolmaker from their current supplier base or take any from the Roctool recommendations.

After the project kicks off, Roctool provides its customers several levels of engineering studies like Moldflow and Thermal calculations. In this phase Roctool cooperates with the selected toolmaker to validate the tool design and provide all necessary information about the additional tooling component like wires and connectors which have been placed on the injection mold.

After the tool is built, Roctool participates in the final assembly of the tool and confirms if the wire is placed correctly, and the connectors are put in the right place. Roctool also participates in the trials of the injection molds and setup and map the temperature to have the best quality product.

Roctool supply’s the necessary equipment like generator, cooling equipment, and controller units for the inductive heating of injection molds. Roctool also provides everything for the installation of the injection mold, from different wire sizes to the connectors and power track.

From middle 2021 Roctool offers their customers full turnkey solutions. Customers provide the final 3D part design and will get the injection mold ready on their molding machine in the factory. 

Engineering bureau Robert Kurzbauer supports you with all activity in a Roctool project with the experience of 8 years Roctool technology and build over 60 tools with Roctool technology implemented.