How to get a unique “fingerprint” of your molding process per each cavity ?

How to get a unique “fingerprint” of your molding process per each cavity ?

Posted on 06. 07. 2023 - Technology

Cavity pressure measuring is already known since many decades in the plastic industry but not really use for several reason. My partner Cavity Eye has made the cavity pressure measurement since 2015 simple, easy for a competitive price.

In the moment, the plastic melt is leaving the injection unit of the injection molding machine to the runner and gating system of the tool we basically cannot see inline what is happened it each cavity. 

Part quality never detect during the filling only when the part is already molded.

Worst case is to produce parts and the quality control only happened and the customer.

Most of the cases the real root cause analysis can be done with a very big effort in time and money, because the filling of each cavity cannot be monitored inline.

Cavity pressure sensor and in special the system from Cavity Eye can help every customer:

  1. Monitor the filling of each cavity and create per each cavity a filling curve.
  2. Help to create the perfect Window Study and determine the process parameter which have direct influence on the part quality.
  3. Made the molding process more robust.
  4. Monitor small deviation and help to find and identify the failures.
  5. Help to tune and repair the tool to get better robust molding process.
  6. Monitor other issues like gate and runner wear, mold closing, clamping force, cooling phase, resin issues ,..
  7. Increase the know how in the company because of mor training and education to get better acceptance. 
  8. Create a feedback loop to the toolmaker and help to build better tools in the future.

Proof to the END customer - molding process in each cavity is under control and every shoot / cavity has been monitored for every production.


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